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"Keine Überraschungen". Wir rechnen keine Zusatzkosten zu dem auf unserer Website angegebenen Preis hinzu.

Gratis Wifi

In allen Unterkünften der Kette, um jederzeit ohne Kosten verbunden zu sein.

Bezahlung im Hotel (flexibler Tarif)

Wähle unsere flexible Rate und bezahle 100% Deiner Reservierung im Hotel. Wir werden Deine Kreditkarte als Garantie verlangen, aber es wird keine Gebühr erhoben, es sei denn, Du stornierst mit weniger als 72h oder erscheinst nicht am Tag der Ankunft.

Willkommen bei abschnitt Fachkräfte

Abschnitt für Fachkräfte

We welcome you to our online reservations section exclusively for professionals’ use, where we offer you an easy and secure way to make all your reservations. Via this website and through a quick and easy process, you can make reservations (subject to availability) and confirm them in an instant.

All the reservations made will require the payment of the amount of your stay through a card (secure online payment) or bank transfer. 


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If you are an agency or company and want to enjoy the special offers of Vibra Hotels, just fill in the following registration form, and we will contact you as soon as possible to welcome you and explain the details of our program. Access codes will be sent to the agency within a maximum of 3 working days, following the online registration. THE PAYMENT OPTIONS We accept bank card (secure online payment) or bank transfer depending on the type of rate chosen. * Flexible rate: At the time of booking you can choose payment by card or bank transfer (this last option will only be available if there are more than 10 days prior to the entry date of the client). - To pay for transfers the agency must make the transfer to the bank account provided, it is essential to indicate your reservation number when making the payment, in the concept of the transfer’ section, in addition to sending the receipt to - If you choose to pay with card, you will need to provide this information at the time of booking and 7 days before arrival, you will receive an email with a secure payment link where you can complete the transaction. In case of not completing the payment the reservation will be cancelled automatically. * Non-Refundable Rate: We only accept payment through a card (secure online pass). 100% of the amount at the time of booking. CANCELLATION AND NO-SHOW POLICY * For flexible rate: If you cancel 72 hours before arrival or no show, 2 nights charge as cancellation charges for stays from 05/25 to 09/30 and 1 night for dates outside of the specified period. * For non-refundable rate: No cancellations or modifications allowed. The establishment will not refund the amount charged. If you have any questions, contact





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