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Keine Verwaltungsgebühren

"Keine Überraschungen". Wir rechnen keine Zusatzkosten zu dem auf unserer Website angegebenen Preis hinzu.

Gratis Wifi

In allen Unterkünften der Kette, um jederzeit ohne Kosten verbunden zu sein.

Bezahlung im Hotel (flexibler Tarif)

Wähle unsere flexible Rate und bezahle 100% Deiner Reservierung im Hotel. Wir werden Deine Kreditkarte als Garantie verlangen, aber es wird keine Gebühr erhoben, es sei denn, Du stornierst mit weniger als 72h oder erscheinst nicht am Tag der Ankunft.


Booking Confirmation 

You should receive immediate confirmation of your reservation via Internet, by means of an e-mail. Please make sure you register your e-mail address accurately. In the unlikely event you not receive confirmation, please report immediately

Multiple bookings

In case multiple reservations under the same name in more than one hotel or booking more than 3 rooms in one of the hotels with the flexible rate, Vibra Hotels reserves the right to charge the 25% of your stay as a non-refundable deposit. Vibra hotels doesn't admit multiple reservations for groups on this channel, in a way that any reservations booked under the abovementioned conditions will be cancelled by the hotel without possibilities of refund for the reservation holder nor for the recipient of the booking. For group reservations please contact 

Which is our cancellation policy?

The cancellation policy is associated with the rate you select when making your booking. The same applies to costs relating to penalties for cancelling outside the period of time stipulated under the terms and conditions applicable to the selected rate. Please read the cancellation and payment terms and conditions carefully before confirming your reservation. These may vary for special offers and promotions, and will always be clearly shown in the hotel details. 

Where reasons of force majeure (including, but not limited to, politival or economic disorder or instability affecting security, sanitary and public health measures, and restrictions on freedom of movement and travel) or or similar circumstances that are unforeseeable or unavoidable or are mandatory upon VIBRA HOTELS, mean the full or partial non-fulfilment of bookings, confirmations and/or the provision of any trips, services or benefits agreed through VIBRA HOTELS, due to circumstances that cannot be foreseen or resolved by VIBRA HOTELS, including where the provision of some agreed services becomes impossible, the customer waives the right to present any type of claim against VIBRA HOTELS and/or VIBRA HOTELS group companies that exist currently or in the future, on the grounds of such non-compliance or non-provision. The exception to this is where VIBRA HOTELS itself is found to have lacked professional diligence or has failed to put all efforts into providing the services under similar conditions or in nearby accommodation of equal or higher category to that initially agreed. 

If the accomodation which you booked initially is not available due to circumstances beyond the company’s control (e.g. fire, breakdown of room facilities which would make it impossible to maintain the standard of quality and comfort described in our offer), the company is responsible for providing the client with alternative accomodation of equal or higher standard, in the same area and with the same services of the originally booked accomodation, without any extra costs for the clients 


These terms of use are subject to the Spanish Laws. Any action arising out or relating to these terms shall be filed in the Courts of Ibiza (Spain), and the parties shall expressly relinquish their own jurisdiction.

VIBRA HOTELS reserves the right to amend these terms, conditions and warnings under which this Web Site is offered. This right shall not affect the specific terms and conditions accepted.

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