Are you still trying to make a decision? We don’t want to push you, but traveling alone is one of the experiences that everyone should do at least once in lifetime. There is people who, after trying it, assimilate it into their lives as a therapy to escape from the day-to-day routine, at least once a year. The adventure of picking up the suitcase and travel by yourself can change you…

Know yourself

Travel alone means get out of the comfort zone, with all the benefits this has in order to learn from yourself. Dare yourself to experiment it, explore new paths, practice a new sport and discover what you really like or do not like. It’s said that you have to learn to be happy alone, before you can do it together with another person…

Improve your social skills

If you travel in company, you are relaxed because you always have someone to talk to, and you lose the opportunity to socialize. However, when you solo travel you gain the possibility of making new friends, learning from other people, cultivate yourself with other experiences… And, who knows! Maybe the solo trip ends with a return home in Company 😉

Organize your time

Do not depend on anyone, plan or improvise, it’s your choice! There is no greater pleasure than to always do what one desires. If you wake up wanting peace, enjoy a morning of ‘calitas’; Spend the afternoon shopping or strolling through out Dalt Vila… But if you feel like high energy, practice one of the extreme fashion sports like FlyBoard or kitesurf; or perhaps it is your thing to live a nightlife route by the numerous clubs of Ibiza.

It’s the journey of your life, so live it any way you want!

And Ibiza is the ideal destination for those who want to live a true adventure alone because you can choose at any time your moments of solitude and your shared moments. From here we propose to hurry up and take advantage of the singles offers available to Ibiza.


– Stay at a Hotel with scheduled events.

– Choose nightly organized activities.

– Find out the schedule of parties in the island.

– Get along with the ‘locals’.

– And do not forget to activate your Tinder!